Poor mechanics of the foot can contribute to a variety of muscle and joint related problems. When foot dysfunction is considered to be contributing to a patient’s discomfort orthotic therapy may be recommended.

Orthotics are thin inserts that are placed in your footwear. The purpose of the orthotic is to position your foot correctly throughout the gait (walking) cycle. By correcting foot mechanics forces on the body are minimized, reducing impact throughout the body.

At the Stouffville Health and Wellness Centre a full health history, biomechanical examination and computerized gait analysis are performed to determine if orthotic therapy is appropriate. When prescribed, our orthotics are customized to your foot and the activities you participate in. Orthotics can be tailored for dress shoes, a variety of athletic footwear (running shoes, cleats, golf shoes, skates, ski boots) and workboots. Orthotic shoes, boots and sandals (where the orthotic is permanently built into the footwear) are also available.

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